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Home Inspection NYC

Reasons to have a Home Inspection

If you buy a home, you should have it inspected before closing on the sale. If you are getting a loan, it's very likely your lender will require an inspection. However, even if you are paying cash for the home, you should pay the few hundred extra dollars to have an inspection, because it can uncover a number of hidden problems.

Structural defects

A home inspection can reveal structural defects that the homeowner didn't even know about. Though sellers are supposed to reveal any known problems with a home, structural issues can be hidden. Even if there are active signs of a structural problem, the home sellers may not realize that's what those things signal. A trained and experienced home inspector can find such structural issues and save buyers a whole lot of money.

Pest and insect infestations

Homeowners may never set foot in their attic, peer up their chimney or have a look in a crawlspace. These are all places where insects, vermin and other pests like to set up shop, so a homeowner may not even realize they are there. However, a thorough inspection will root them out. Whether it's termites causing damage to wood near the foundation, raccoons or squirrels nesting in the attic or bats hanging out in the chimney, having a home inspection will help you find these pests before you buy.


In many parts of the country, radon gas occurs naturally in the soil and can seep into houses through basements and crawlspaces. Radon gas is radioactive, and long-term exposure to it can cause lung cancer, even in people who don't smoke. Having a radon test done can tell if there are high levels in the home you are about to buy, so you can get the seller to install a radon mitigation system.

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