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Home Inspection NYC

Home Inspection

Before you buy a home it is essential to have a home inspection nyc performed on your targeted home. A professional home inspection will identify several potential problems which can be used to negotiate a lower price on your home or may potentially lead you to realize that the home that you are contemplating buying is not the right home for your needs. However, this home inspection, while a complete test may not identify all of the problems that exist in the home, but it will likely provide you with good idea of the major issues that you will likely experience. When you are having a home inspection performed on your home here are some of the things that are commonly tested.

Checking Your Major Systems

A home inspector will review the major systems in your home and will help to identify systems that may be experiencing problems. Your plumbing and heating systems will be inspected as will your HVAC units. Beyond that, you roof and electrical systems will be inspected to make sure that they are operating effectively and are not in immediate need of safeguards to protect the house and its inhabitants.

Looking for Pests and Mold

One thing that inspectors check during an inspection is any mold that may be accumulated in your home. Mold is not always easy to identify but often it accumulates in certain parts of your home such as a basement or crawlspace. The presence of mold is a warning sign but certain types of mold such as black mold is more of an issue. Inspectors will also look for evidence of pests such as rats, mice, and other insects. Termites, as an example, tend to leave wood dust under door sills. Checks for current termite infestations as well as any prior termite treatments will be noticeable to an home inspector.

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